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I use a simple box with "bins", the hooks go into a small square bin and the tubes into the longer bins. I have used some almost excellent boxes from Orvis. They are almost excellent in that they have adjustable bins and the lid has a waterproof rubber seal, but there are two problems. One is less critical, that is that the hooks tend to slip through the gap between the lid and the bin wall which puts them all over the other bins. The second problem is the one that has led me to not buy any more of them - that is the little plastic tab that holds the lid shut broke off after a couple of seasons - not acceptable!

Currently I use some cheap plastic boxes from Plano, not adjustable but they do the job. Ihave been interested in the European style tube fly boxes, but I fear they are quite expensive. You can see some Wheatly's if you do a search, it is an interesting set-up, I may pop the bucks for one one of these days.
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