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hi jim, i do fish wet flies and streamers for salmon. more so than egg patterns and the like. a babine special is one of my go-to's for salmon. i dont normally use sinktips in warm water. a 10-14' leader and either a weighted fly or some shot works good for me. ive started using tube flies, and with a copper tube, i can fish a weighted fly as deep as i want and still be able to cast it pretty well. love fishing the glide, but too bad its close to the parking lot, as you say, gets pretty crowded during salmon season. good luck on your upcoming trip. if you want to get together, PM me. i normally fish the salmon river mon,tues,thur,fri. im sure youll have some good action by next week. weve been doing pretty good at night at the mouth. gonna try it again tonight. regards, mark
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