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Early Salmon

hi jim, i fish the same water you do. for salmon, i dont fish upriver at all. ill only target them in the DSR when i know i have a good chance to hook a fresh, aggressive salmon. i also stay away from the deep slow pools(which isnt a problem in the DSR) and stick to the moderate depth runs such as the meadow. i also dont bottom bounce for salmon. even when i know there is fish in front of me and im not hooking up, i try not to put more weight on. i may not hook up as much, but i dont foul hook alot of fish when the run is in full strength. now, when i know there are good numbers of steelhead in the river, somtimes like late october, ill fish upriver. when both fish are in the river, i usually fish egg patterns with an indicator that gives me a vertical presentation. i still end up foul hooking some salmon, but it does keep it under control. those are my thoughts. mark
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