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Yes, that is one of many books I have in my library. It is also one of the best of the recent books on flies for salmon and steelhead in my opinion.

No, I am not a left-handed tyer. I simply scanned the Night Dancer Shrimp's left side because a well-tied fly will look the same from either side and wanted to show this aspect of tying to others.

Spiders are a style of tying that usually leave out wings, tails, and body hackle. They are almost always tied as low-water flies and the distinctive features of a Spider is the long hackle tied as a collar (it should be as long as the bend of the hook, or very close to that long). Aleck Jackson's "Psuedo-Spey" is actually a spider style fly (Alec knows this' but he chose to call it a pseudo-spey because more fisherman know what a spey fly is than what a salmon or steelhead spider is), and as such would give you a good idea of what they look like.

I use spider style flies during the very low water of late August to October here in Washington state. Here is an example of one of my favorites.

I call it a Green-Butt Black Spider. The dressing is:

thread: black 8/0
tag: fl. lime green pearlescent braided mylar
body: black floss because it sinks better than with dubbing
hackle: black Chinese rooster neck
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