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I believe Vancouver Island is under the same restrictions,but there are some places that you can go to.I would recommend checking first though.

Places that have provincial parks or campsites,like lakes like Leighton or Tunkwa are currently open,but travel is restricted to the main road,the campsite,and lake.Access is restricted to the trails or other roads for example.

It's an EXTREMELY confusing situation for everyone and most locals still don't have a clue where they can and can not go.

For example the Upper Skagit/Ross Lake has been open for the past few weeks because there is a provincial campsite there,but it has just been closed due to incresing fire risk.Other provincial campsites may follow this trend if things continue to worsen so check it out before going.

It pays to check with the road info that I gave you the link to,as well as email them about certain places,just to make sure.I would also recommend phoning any fishing shops in the general areas of the places you may want to go to make sure they are open.

The fines are heavy for those who don't follow the rules,and it's very easy to get confused.
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