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Urban fly fishing - new sport

In the past couple of years I have changed my attitude about urban fishing. I used to think of it as a poor second choice when one could not get out on a good lake or a pristine trout stream.

I now fish almost exclusively in small urban waters and my life is better for it. I scout like a madman, looking for waters that everyone assumes are dead. It is amazing how much good fly water there is in our urban and suburban areas here in Minneapolis. Almost any stream that runs into a lake or bigger river has fish in it, you just have to look.

I have found a lot of classic riffle-run-pool stream fishing for carp, suckers, walleye, northern pike, creek chubs, sunfish, crappie. I have been especially happy with the amount of carp fishing I have found. This summer I have taken at least 50 carp on the fly, many over 20 inches and one very nice 27 inch fish that is my largest fish by weight, any method.

Techniques are exactly the same as most of the trout and warmwater stream fishing I did up until now.

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