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Lunch time carp, late for work

This looks like an old post but I had to respond. I too spend a lot of time fly fishing for carp at lunch, on the way home from work and after my son goes to bed. It is hard to ignore 20-30 inch fish that are difficult to catch.

I just got back from getting snubbed by a dozen carp in the creek that is my current honey hole. "just one more cast" made me 20 minutes late getting back to the office. I have caught fish in that spot up to 22 inches in the recent past but they are on to me now and I have gotten refusals and spooked fish the last couple of times.

Bonefish style flies work great, wooly buggers are a good choice and depending on the season there are usually some veggie flies that work (cottonwood seed or elm seeds are two favorites of mine)

To any that have ingored this supreme urban fly fishing opportunity, put your prejudice aside and start getting skunked. Carp are difficult to catch but if you stick to it the rewards are great. They are beautiful fish too.

Oh, the person who mentioned getting showered in mud trying to land a big carp... exactly right, I have showed up to my son's daycare stinking of pond scum and covered in mud. It is hard to hide clandestine fishing in that case.

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