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Question L. Ontario Salmon Ethics

I'm going to be controversial, but here goes:
"After being in the river a day or two, I don't think the King Salmon "eat" anymore. I do think they will "snap" at a fly in their face or "clear" a redd of objects and predators (baitfish) when spawning".......

IMHO herein lies the dilema need to present your fly close to the fish, at or near the bottom of the river.......BUT you do not want to foul hook or (line) the fish. This is not so much a problem when the salmon are scattered (you can fish to them and they can avoid your fly).....but when they are stacked up in the deep pools (wire, schoolhouse, cemetary, upper FF area, etc.), it is REALLY TOUGH to not foul hook fish! (I know I'll reget admitting this)

So What is ethical: to fish where the fish are in numbers and do your best to avoid foul hooking OR go to other areas of the river where the fish are not stacked up?
I feel these magnificent fish get a raw deal with so much snagging and lining that is done on purpose.......that the well meaning anglers "should" share info on techniques of "how not to" foul hook these fish... and to still catch them fairly!
Please view this question as being presented by a well meaning poster.

BTW....I've been fishing L. Ontario tribs for close to 20 years.
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