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RE:Winter Steelhead Tactics

Brian -

I remember seeing that buck in a photo. That was a living example of the thick shouldered wild fish that go up the Snoqualmie. If I recall you took it on a wild looking multi-layered rabbit fly with that creative hackle segmentation. I copied it with good results thru the seasons to come... although that's about when I was yanked from steelhead nirvana by family priorities.

Reading your post brings to mind a number of spots where I would love to be doin' that all weekend!

Another Snoqualmie story: One morning in midwinter I ventured out to the point straight out from Tokul. There was a guy plunking plugs there who was leaving just as I hiked thru the alders on the 'falls' side of Tokul Crk. I put on a black bunny rat and in three casts WHAM! chromer hatchery hen with sea lice. Fought like the dickens! I kept the hatchery fish for the grill. After a conversation with some guys short-lining the mouth of the crk, I went back for a few more casts... bang! Hooked up again, but this time the fish cam unbuttoned. It was a freezing winter day with the crowd in full swing at the eddy, felt great to be able to stand up for the long rodders despite the odds. It's not a spot I went to often when the season was in full tilt but it was a day I remember in the middle of winter.

Steve mentioned the Elwha... Mike and Brian will attest I've had quite an affair with that river over the years. I've had four fish days in mid-winter and fall there. It's not a huge run but what's there fishes well with a fly.

I can't wait until the dam is out.
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