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fished the 1st and 2nd. didn't fish in close (entrance) but fished further offshore due to the fact that the last few close in trips resulted in lots of fish but very small (3-5 lbs.) which is not what i want in late august- early sept. offshore there's bigger fish (monday got a 17 clipped, tue got a 12 clipped) but there's always a shot at some bigger fish (9-11 lbs) in closer if you're willing to weed through lots of smaller fish. there are less pinks (yehhh!!!) around, but offshore the mackerel are serious problems at times (you'd think the 48 degree water would get rid of them).

haven't heard about bigger fish in sekiu, but this possible shot of rain sun-mon may pull some fish in closer (along with probably turning the ocean ugly).

good luck,

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