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Double Wow! You BC fellows have a knack for

pulling up old memories from my childhood. (For this you have to send me an intrud. in each colour ) Mom and lived in Twassan (sp?, too long ago) before it even had a name other than Boundry Bay.

Rember waiting for hot days to heat the sand and the tide to come in .... Ahhhhhhhh ... even at age 12. Walking the edge of the golf course (still there?) looking for lost golf balls. Also the closest I ever got to getting arrested. Some 'person' thought I, and another young man, were finding our 'lost' golf balls in the middle of the fairway.

Think being 12'ish, and a Canadian, kept me out a pot full of undeserved credit.

Was always interesting to watch the school buss from Boundry Bay crossing/re-crossing as it took the few kids from "the point" over to Whatcom county for school every day. We thought we had long hours ... childs play. These kids had (pre-freeway TC-1) shot at least 2+ hours per day just getting back and forth.

Anyway, great 'blast from the past;' now send the fly's.
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