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after Columbus Day the crowds thin out a bit. Go midweek if possible. At that time you will be fishing to mostly "dark" salmon that are up river and starting to spawn. If you are willing to walk a can find some solitude....not Alaska....but not shoulder to shoulder. It is possible to catch alot of Salmon in a day. Some are "fresh" and many are tired. Also in October the steelies and browns will be in the river......munching on eggs. (much more fun!)

IMHO...I don't think you gain much with a driftboat during Salmon season....unlike the benifits for access in the Winter. Each hole will have anglers at Daybreak.....and arriving in a driftboat to fish their water will not gain you or the captain any "new friends."

Send me a PM when you are close to going and I'll give you the up to date Skinny.
In October....egg patterns and small dark nymphs.....bigger woolly buggers when they are spawning.
Good Luck

Also Early in the Run (SEPTEMBER)...Try the Douglaston SR.....$15 pp...but worth it. Once you are on the property.....walk away from the crowds and fish the pocket water and downstream pools and runs for fresh fish.

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