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I use ziplocs for my digital and even for my water-resistant 35mm, but you have to take the camera out of the bag to use it! Most of the times when I need the camera I'm standing in or near the surf and have wet hands (and hopefully have a big fish on the end of my line ). That doesn't create a problem for the water-resistant camera, but I don't think I'd try to use the digital in those situations.

I understand why a truly waterproof camera would be expensive, but it irks me that you have to pay so much for a digital camera that's even water-resistant. The rubber seals for the controls, battery cover and film cover on my 35mm are not very complex and can't possibly add that much to the production cost. My 35mm also has a zoom lens, so sealing the zoom lens on the digital camera should not present much of a problem either.

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