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RE:Impromptu Clave

Holiday fishing did not produce any fish but Christmas day on the Elwha was just wonderful.
Fished the Sky at 1st light on Saturday. Got to the run a half hour before light so I could be the 1st through the run but within 10 minutes I had 3 bait guys walk in just in front of me and I was done for the day. They were younger and bigger than me and it wasn't worth any hassel they knew what they were doing and words weren't worth what would have followed.

The Elwha on Christmas morning found me at the hatchery parking lot at first light and not knowing much about the river I asked a bait guy what were some good runs. He was friendly and in a good Christmas spirit and gave me directions to some good runs down river. He had a bike and got down river before me. By the time I got down to the runs he was just landing a nice buck that had a bit of color. The run had many fish in it as they continuously rolled along the far bank. Even though I could get my fly in a direct line with the fish I knew I was not getting a swing in front of them. By the time my sink tip was down the river current had moved it out from the far bank a few feet no matter how well I mended up stream on the cast. It was good to practice making the big mend up stream on the cast before my line hit the water. Don't use that much on the Sky because I only fish runs that I know hold fish close in and where one can get a slow drift in front of fish.
Didn't touch a fish but the Elwha is beautiful and it was so nice to see many fresh fish that had just come into the river that night on the tide.
Anyone else touch a fish over the holidays? Hope all you New England bass fisherman got fly gear for Christmas instead of Lawn mowers and pruning shears.
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