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One thing I did when I bought my Explorer 10 years ago was to call Ford and talk to a guy about towing with it. He made several recommendations beyond getting the standard "towing package"-- which he did recommend. The primary recommendation was to get a specific rear end that was better at towing than the general run. It took some hunting, but I finally found the right ratio (don't have a clue what it was now), and I've had no problems whatsoever after something like 120k miles, most of which was towing various boats over some pretty stiff terrain.

While I've run aluminum boats for more than 20 years, the one big gripe I have about them in this climate is the widespread use of carpet. If you do the salmon/crabbing/bottomfish thing for very long, carpet gets pretty ripe. The suggestion that I "run it through the carwash" is fine, but it adds an hour to every trip and it doesn't get the spunge out of the carpet. Nor does it do a good job of getting out the sand. Fiberglass boats with self-bailing decks are a whole lot easier to clean and smell a whale of a lot better.

Two aluminum boats that don't run carpet are Hewescraft (in Colville, WA) and Alumaweld; they use a rubberized mat that works well. Some of the Lund line doesn't use carpet in the length boat you're looking at also.

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