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Sean-- The Angler boat you linked to (in another thread) looks pretty good. However, the one negative with fiberglass is weight-- it takes more power to push it and more juice to tow. Don't know what the tow rating is on your vehicle, but it should be substantial for a boat like you're after...

You asked about four-strokes. In a used boat, you'll get what's on it, but a couple of times I've purchased older boats with bad motors and re-powered. That is what I'm thinking of doing next time in my constant search for the perfect fleet. I've run four strokes of several makes and currently own two Yamaha fours on my current compromise boat. They are expensive compared to two strokes, and they're a touch heavier. Also the power curve and torque can be different from a two stroke. All that being said, I don't think I'd buy another two-stroke outboard. The reason is fuel economy and noise, not to mention the lack of a blue haze on start up. I will acknowledge from the start that there are two-strokes that equal and even surpass fours in economy and price. Evinrude (the Bombardier models) have tested to be across the board better than any four-stroke, at least according to the tech guys. The new Tohatsu/Nissan engines are supposed to extremely good in those respects as well. However, my gut feel says that four-strokes are the future, and anyone who buys a new two is buying a dinosaur.

Have fun, but be aware that boat shopping can become addictive.

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