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Those bumper stickers, "Sportsmen for Bush" are just that. Thank god that fly fishermen concern themselves with conservation issues first and the sportsmenship thing of this era down our list as why we participate in the outdoors. We may not get it right all the time as fly fishermen but our intent is good. We can be proud of that.

To say there will be less air pollution because of the rule changes or the same amount of air pollution is wrong. One must read the language carefully. The Bush administration says that pollution will stay under the current permit level and on that front he is most likely correct. But the majority of the 1700 power plants in this country are below that permit level now and by a fair amount. The rule change is so power companies can make changes that will pollute more than they do now but will increase profit for the companies. No they will not go over the current permit limitations which are artificially too high and have been from day one. Air pollution will go up as will profit.

As for the toughest air quality standards in the world I dought it. Are we not in the lowest 10% for the 30 or so first world countries? Of course there are 90 some odd countries who are not first world who can not afford to clean up their act so if you add us the wealthiest country in the world to the entire countries in the world we do rank high. Big deal, we still consume 25% of the world energy and it's that energy and lax standards to begin with that make the USA as one of the worlds top air polluters only behind China and Russia I'll bet.
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