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RE:Impromptu Clave

Just back from a wet and frigid day on the Sky. Hooked up briefly with Tyler and Jeff this morning at Sultan. We were putting in and they were headed upriver to hit a couple runs before Tyler had to get back to his basketball duties. I'm hoping they got an early Christmas gift or two.

As for myself, I got the pleasure of watching my friend Carl hook his first steelhead. He's been fishing off and on with me since last year and today everything finally fell into place. We were smelling of skunk until we hit a certain run across from a more famous run often associated with April 15th. You all know where I'm talking about. I was working the tailout when I heard him holler.

It was really great to look upriver and see his rod bent over under the strain on a bright metalhead. He played it skillfully but after 4-5 minutes it came unbuttoned. He was not in the least upset, just stood there looking like he had won the lottery. We toasted a wee bit of single malt and smoked a cigar in honor of the occasion.

Other than that no fish action but there were eagles a plenty and that is worth the float for me.

Good luck Brian and Steve. I'm resting up in the morning but will be back out Sunday for an hour or two.

Happy Holidays All!
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