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Originally posted by flytyer
Fifth, several folks in the forum condemned the use of a wind power farm in Mass. This is a non-polluting source of energy that has been in use for quite a while in Mont. Why is it not OK to have it on a coastal island in Mass.? What better way to be environmentally friendly than to use non-polluting, and non-river damming methods to produce power?
I had several comments on 1-4 but this one's all mine

You are misinformed, the proposal for this private venture is not to put the windmills on an island, it's to put them IN THE WATER over several square miles of area in the middle of the sound in shifting sand shoals in the migratory paths of numerous fish and bird species in a fragile environ which is one of the last remaining somewhat pristine areas in the entire region. They may not emit smoke but they will corrode and leak lubricants, involve major construction projects in the water and habitat of millions if not billions of organisms, and worst of all it's hairbrained science fiction at it's best.

Putting the windmills on an island would be fine my me... in fact I proposed the government owned Otis Air Force Base, which is a massive land area closed to public access in one of the largest areas of the cape. If you were familiar with the area you might agree.

We know the power is meaningless anyway, it's only going to be sold into the grid for private gain. There is no power problem on the Cape today that the windmills will solve.

If anyone thinks the multi-year, big bucks construction will have no negative impact via pollutants and other damages to the Nantucket Sound ecosystem during and after construction they are dreaming. If anyone thinks these structures will last out there for any appreciable number of years, they are ignorant. The whole plan is ludicrous.

Put them on an island, yes please - not in the sound!
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