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Re: Interesting rig; obviously a 'real' underwater camera

Originally posted by fredaevans
for diving work. I too, would like to see a reasonably water proof dig. camera that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Best answer yet I've found for ' our' type of work is the inexpensive 35 MM 'throw-away's.'

Actually, take fairly good pictures considering the fixed lens and all. But only 'water proof' to about 10 feet. But, things being what they are, if I'm free floating in 10 foot of water the camera is the least of my worries.
The waterproof Kodak disposables in the plastic box do work pretty well if the water is clear and there is plenty of light. Some of the photos came out too dark, though, and I was wishing that they made one with a flash.

I checked out the review of the sealife camera. It looks like an affordable way to get a digital camera for underwater or foul weather use, but it definitely has its drawbacks. And, as JD pointed out, it's not really a waterproof camera, but a camera in a waterproof box (with limited controls). The review has a link to a site that makes waterproof boxes for many types of cameras, so you could do the same thing with a good camera. Unfortunately, the waterproof boxes are very expensive and may even cost more than the camera itself!

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