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RE:Impromptu Clave

I'll probably see you out there tomorrow, OC!! With enough of the right fuel (see Macallan, or even Yukon Jack in these brutal conditions<G&gt things will be warm enuf.

I remember several years ago, getting a small hatchery hen in the Two Bit Riffle on the Sky in January. The fish took the orange prawn fly on the hangdown and (1) woke me up (2) broke the ice from my guides and (3) restored my faith in the possibility of getting hatchery winter steelhead to hit flies in sub-zero weather. Ice had formed on my neoprenes, too, which made getting back to the bank a snapping crackling affair!

Have fun on the Elwah - I've heard recent reports there are good #s of fish being caught there. I love that river and will try to get there in January for a couple days.

And Juro's not kidding - he's just *sick* enough to wish he was out there right now!!

Good Luck!! May the Steelhead Gods send you a nice Chrome gift for Christmas!

tight lines and warm fingers,

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