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Mako vs ?

Mako's are fantastic boats ( new or older ). The older boats I think are built a little better than the new ones but still the new ones are SWEET!

Look into a Maritime Pilot House or a 20D like I have. Lots of room but a little bare bones. Not necisarilly a bad thing since you can fit and trim according to your families needs. Sure the Mrs's will have some suggestions for you. The Pilot House has a small head as well as a little cuddy under the center console ( nice option for the kids and wife to get out of the sun ).

Another boat I really liked where Angler boats. Very reasonable new prices and seem to hold some value.

There are pleanty of deals to be had out there thats for sure. The boats I mentioned Mako, Maritime and Angler were the 3 that I looked into for quite a while. Was a tuff choice but in the end I went with Maritime for the same reasons that you mentioned. Room, Value, Re-Sale, Ease of Care.

Good luck in your search.
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