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Boat questions...

So I am slowly starting to come to grips with how much about boats I do not know. I am hoping you all can help set me straight.

Planning a boat purchase in the next year (could be longer if I cannot find what I want).


Somewhat of a family boat with fishing potential a big part of the decision. My wife is agreeable to center console boston whaler/mako designs which is good for me. Baiscally I need something with a decent amout of sitting room for 5-6 people and the ability for 2 people to fish comfortably. Looking at fiberglass boats exclusively.

The fishing will all be done in saltwater in the puget sound.

Looking for something 17-21 feet with a lean towards the longer boat to handle fishing in the straits and out on the coast.

Will most likely be a used boat. Just do not see the sense in buying something new as it seems boats do not hold new retail value much at all. Seeing a ton a good deals on early 90's boats.

What do you all think of Mako boats? I have been seeing some in the 20'+ class built anywhere from 1988-1995 at good prices. I do like the looks of them but am unsure of how well they are built.

Some I have been seeing do not come with outboards. What should I be looking at for an outboard? For the size of boat I want something over 175hp is what I will need but I have no idea what manafacturers are best. I assume 4 strokes are the best?

If I go the used route on an outboard what should I be looking for. How many hours are too much? I have heard all you really get is about 500 hours per outboard before it needs to be rebuilt.

So those are the questions I have so far. Look for many more from me in the months to come.

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