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A 3-Star Day in Area 9

Five of us had a terrific morning fishing through the minus low near PNP. One of us (guess who) fished a popper and the other four switched back and forth from the dark side to the "enlightened" side. It's hard to tell how many follows the others were getting down below but I had all the excitement my little heart could take.

I used a 10' Scott 8wt today. I was getting out there but I sure wished I had a new CND two-handed "Puget Sound Beach Rod" with a floating head. I fished a slow two-handed retrieve punctuated by little hops. As soon as I picked up a follow, I hopped, gurgled, stopped, sped up, slowed and sped up again all the way in to the rod tip. The takes were close in and the coho were all between 4 and 6 pounds. They cartwheeled into the air almost instantly and a few jetted between us back towards the beach which required a 180 degree pirouette. Pretty fun stuff while it lasted.

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