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Surfs up will be soon. Facts are Drew is that the surface temp is holding in the high sixties and lower seventies in many places and the lake needs to turn over. We need an east wind. Off the first shelf in 70 - 80' FOW some fish are staging and cruising. Only problem is, unless you have a boat with riggers you cannot get to them and makes flyfishing impossible. Off the first thermal bar, fish will be holding in the deepest spots, near river mouth channels and pierheads.

I just talked to my buddy who pioneered surf fishing in the Great Lakes. He owns the Troutsman in TC and said he has had nothing roll over for him in the last week or so surf fishing wise. Fish are just too far out, and beach temps are hot for presenting flies to cruising kings.

It won't be long. Have large flies tied, mine are up to 15".
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