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A warning about Cabela's rod kits

I ordered two (2) handle kits that included winding checks, 3 spools of thread, reel seat, cork grip, epoxy, finish glue, and what I thought was a complete guide set. However, when I received the kits, there were no tip-tops included.

If you Look here you will see that the picture clearly shows a tip-top included in the kit.

I called Cabela's to complain and pointed out that the web site clearly showed a picture of the kit that included a tip-top. They first told me that the kit did NOT include the tip-top and that I would have to purchase them. After arguing with them on the phone and being on put on hold several times, they said the best they could do for me was to charge me the price of the tip-tops and give me free shipping. But I would have to 20 days to receive them. No thanks... I'll just run up to Bob Marriott's and get them from him.

Pass the word about Cabela's kits.
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