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Big Housie Smallies

Given the unsettled weather pattern following the great blackout on Thrsday/Friday I headed for the Housatonic above Bulls Bridge to launch the yak and explore the lake above the dam. Further upstream the river was running at 1500cfs which pretty much rules out trout fishing for several days but I figured that at the lower end of the lake the water might have cleared a bit. The water level was up and there was a discernable flow but paddling was very easy and the visibility didn't look too bad. I actually paddled all the way up to Kent - then let the current slowly take me back downstream checking out various structure - fallen trees, boulder piles etc. I was fishing a yellow/chartreuse gurgler pattern. At two spots I was rewarded with some of my best ever smallmouth bass. These were all over 15 inches with bodies as deep as dinner plates. When the first one hit and exploded on the surface I thought it was a largemouth - they are apparently in the river but I didn't see any that day. I finished up with about half dozen landed and twice as many dropped.

I'll definitely be back - it can only get better as water levels drop.
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