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For the cotter keys I have use, I have used wire cutter to cut a portion of the short piece of the key off by perhaps 3/8 of an inch, then I use needle nose pliers to fold the long piece back , forming a loop end in the process, Thus, it is a waddington shank except the front does not bend up at the tie in point, like a salmon hook would. I guess you could do that but I have not on the ones I have made, but I have thopught about tying in a small swivel on the fron t of these flies, ? Anybody done that? Also, I am using heavy backing for the loop for the hook, and I am tying it in along the cotter key shank, and locking it dwon so it goes through the back loop of the cotter key..thus if it bust loose elsewhere you have a safety hook of sorts(for what ever it is worth)...the thread-through the back eye with the leader, mentioned above, is perhaps a better approach. The weights available are quite interesting nd there is no question you can use some keys that are interesting casting as they can be heavy heavy if you get aggressive on the size of the cotter key..but they will get DOWN.
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