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There stiill out there...

I am always a bit leary of conditions described by anglers that include phrases of plentitudes (is that a word) but the only adjective that I can find to adequately describe the "Body of Fish" that is laying off of Cape Flattery is VAST.
Using sinking lines and clousers you will have a hard time counting how many fish you encounter. If you go to dry line and poppers or sliders you will catch just too many. Awhile back Topwater called it nuts out there It still is all that and I would gather a bit more.
The fish are a bit smaller than what I am used to in the Gulf of Alaska but I have seldom seen numbers like this before. Several of my friends who have fished out of Sitka with me have been out at Neah Bay all week and were all sportinging speed tape on there fingers to try and hold them together from all the nicks and scrapes from releaseing "Fish too numerous too count". I may have given them an out yesterday as I showed them how easy it was too cut the "production" in half or better by using poppers and bringing the cohos to the surface.
One of them drove from Neah Bay all the way to Port Angeles to shop at Waters West for a dry line and matrrials to rig up some top water stuff. (They needed more beer too).
I am looking forward to these fish moving into the straits later this fall and hope that they put on a few more pounds. Pray for rain the rivers are in need of water if this bounty is to be successful in spawning.
There appear to be some 15' fiberglass kickers for rent in Neah Bay. I did not inquire but it looked like Big Salmon Resort might be the vendor.
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