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Just a coupld comments on the GsP...

1. Use the 50lb....knot strength on GsP is pretty poor, so if you go with 30lb, you're running dangerously close to your tippet strength by the time youput a knot in it.

2. as a guide you can use a conversion factor of about 1.8 to go from 30lb Dacron to 50lb GsP....have to be a little less is you've got 20lb Dacron on the M4.

3. Agree with the idea of cutting off the back end of your running line for some more backing capacity, although this means you'll be fighting off the backing a bit more.

4. Haven't tried the TFO rod, but I would guess that 450grains might be a touch light, but if it works.....

Best of luck.

I'm a Bauer fan too.

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