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Here are the "unique" parts of the recipe (as opposed to the elements that are in all the flatwings):

Wing: Two white saddles, pearl Mirage Flashabou, one "honey" saddle, one shrimp pink saddle, pink Mirage FB, an golden olive-over-bleached-grizzly saddle, gold Mirage FB, and two medium olive-dyed-grizzly saddles
Overwing: A dark olive-dyed-grizzly saddle.
Topping: A dark olive-dyed-grizzly hen feather with wide bars.
Throat: Olive bucktail, fairly sparse
Cheeks: Golden pheasant back
Eyes: JC

There is not actually very much bucktail on the throat/belly, but I think the cheek brings out the darkness. I was going for the impresion of a Rainbow's bright olive head. The pink got totally lost in the scan, but overall I think the effect came out fairly accurately. It looked pretty good coming back at me in the irrigation ditch running by the house! =)
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