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flies for steelhead

I've fished the Pere Marquette and lower Manistee for steelhead and salmon since 1977. I wouldn't go out for steelies without egg patterns in chartreuse, oregon cheese, and steelhead orange. Take Hex nymphs in #6, rhyacophilia caddis larva in #12, black stonefly nymphs in #10. Also some big, flashy streamers to irritate the dominant male (NOT the hen--don't ever hook her or all the fun's OVER!), or when he's being challenged by rival males.

Local patterns available at Ed's Sport Shop or the PM Lodge also include PM Wigglers, Steelhead Sparrow, Springs Wigglers and Crystal Wigglers.

When are you planning your trip, and where will you be fishing?

Tight Loops,
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