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Oh well...

Craig Hawkeye and Juro Sorry but the pictures I took somehow did not end up on my cameras memory card. This happened to me before, "pilot error" no doubt! I promise that I will someday soon go through the old photo albums and scan some of the rebuild photos and post them they are much more interesting to look at. Kind of dissappointed in that I wanted to show my wife a picture of the new owner. I will be back in Sitka mid month for a short fishing venture and if the boat and skipper are still around town I will try again.
I do have a beautiful watercolor by a young artist, Amy Zildoka which is framed in a shadow box with a hand tied Harry Lemire classic Dee Strip Salmon Fly "Moonlight" that Harry tied for me after a week long trip on the Moonlight around Sitka for Coho in the Salt back in the early 90's. The fly and the water color go together (as Forrest would say) "like peas and carrots".
So if you are ever in Port Angeles and want to see a real picture of the "Moonlight" my entry hall would be the best place . I really will try to get the old photo album scanned into the cyber world and send it along soon.
Headed to Neah Bay Sunday!
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