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Gel-spun Backing?

Has anyone had any experience with gel-spun backing. I am not sure if I am even spelling it correctly. It is a very thin backing that is kind of braided. It allows you to put a lot more backing on your reel. I have M4 Bauer reels and I believe I will be able to put about 400 yards of gel-spun backing on one. I just bought a #14 Temple Forks rod and I am trying to use one of the Bauer reels I already own instead of buying another reel.

Got the Temple Forks in Worcester for 250 w/o case, any comments on the rod?

I put a 450 grain Rio Striper line on it that I already had and threw about 75' of line. I was wondering if I might have to buy a heavier line to load the rod, but the 450 should be ok for now. What are other people using for lines?

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