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...Cape Breton refugee?!

In another life (USAF) I flew in 4 Stephenville AirShow/Harmon Field Day events and, after word got out how welll we were treated by our Newf cousins, it got to be quite a challenge to be chosen for that specialgood to do some salmon fishing and donated alot of blood to the mosquitos...Good times gone bye!
Got "Screeched" in '88!
Thunder Bay sure looks like GODS country from 35,000'/550mph...
I wouldn't know what to do after a day on "fresh"'s just not the same if there isn't salt on everything...Or is it?
Imagine how long gear would last?!
Glad you enjoy the FFF (great bunch!) and don't be a stranger!
Keep us in your loop and, if you get a chance to visit, we'll set you up to annoy some swell striped and/or toothy critters!
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