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Thumbs up Hello All Fly fishers

Very, Very, nice sight. This is the biggest bulliton board I have ever seen!! I want to congradulate the fly talk staff on a sight well put togather!!
Now, enough of the sucking up.
I live in Thunder Bay, ont. A city with few fly fishers and a whole lot of good fly fishing water.
I have been flyfishing now for four years and after a bit of a rough start, I am enjoying every minute of it. I fish mostly speckled trout and occasionally rainbow trout.I tie all of my own flies and presantly get out to fish two to three tmies a week, that number may increase as the season draws to an end. Hopefully this fall I will find more time for steelhead and salmon.
We have a great fly fishing resource, which include speckled trout, rainbow, superior run rainbow (Steelhead) and three species of pacific salmon.
If I can back track a little, I am originally from newworld island off of the north east coast of Newfoundland.I fished spinner and worm as a kid for our brook trout and mud trout. I have a number of cousins an uncle and my dad who all tie flies and some of them fish their creations, so a natural progression for me would be to graduate from the spinner gear into the world of fly fishing. My father always tied and fished his own flies, although never with a fly rod instead he tied them off so far up his line when spinner fishing and I would watch as he would at times reel in two trout at a time. Just this past summer he has been out with a fly rod, after I helped him get set up with the right gear.
In Newfoundland we don't have any coarse fish, only brookies, mud trout (char) landlock salmon and sea run Atlantic salmon. When I made it all the way to north western Ontario and heard of their brook trout, I began to seek out such water of the speckled trout habitat. In contrass to my home water where all fishing holes were trout holes it is not the case here in NWO. I know have to do my research and seek and find if I wish to fish new trout water. The big game fish in this part of the world is the walleye (Canadians call them Pickeral). Laketrout, Bass and Northern Pike probably round out the top four. At first this bothered me a little bit, (being a big trout fan and all) but now I take a differant attitude. Don't get me wrong, I haven't changed my preferance in fish type, but its like I heard A fellow trout enthusiast once say "Pickeral, Northern Pike, Bass,... the best thing to ever happen to this area," Well I was driving and about to stop and put him out but then he went on to explain, "keeps everyone away from the trout."
I had to tell that, and now, before I get slammed for my veiw of other fish types, I have caught my share of Northerns, Bass and Walleye, thats how I know I prefer Trout
Am I using too many smillies? somebody tell me if I am using too many smillies. These things are great, eh?
I can't find spell check here, and now that you all know where I am from you can excuse a few spelling errors.
Anyway, best of fishing to everyone from a Newf living in Ontario.
Also, thanks to Robert Burton for putting me onto this sight from over at fishing Ontario. Thanks man. -Yaffle
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