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My wife and I made the usual early march pilgrimage this year.
The fishing was really poor the first 4 days. Partially due to the fact there was a lot of water so the fish were spending a long time up in the mangroves. Also a bit more windy than normal I believe and I actual got rained on 2 days in a row which is first for me there.It did pick up a bit on the last 3 but no real block buster days. Only saw a couple large schools of fish in the 1-4 range and had a few shots at fish in the 8-10 range. Almost all my fishing was done on the mosstwon side. Did see a huge permit off mosstown but he was cruising out faster than we could get in. Not too much different on the island that I saw. There is a new bar next to the Coconut cove at Charlie Pfluegers cottages and there were visably more workers on the island for the 4 seasons that is still perpetually behind in completion. That to me will be my main concern when and if ever it finishes, I have a feeling it will put a lot more pressure on the fishery and there may be alot more new boats/guides on the water trying to accommodate the people trying to link a day or 2 fishing with the golf, all just speculation on my part of course.
We have not decided if we are going there next year or not, I have been thinking of trip to Belize just to try something different.
Anyway I am sure your November trip will be awesome and a nice newly run lodge there may be something to look forward to.
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