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re: possible hex

JCC, we grow our bugs a lot bigger over here in Medfield Don't have much photo capability for a close up of a mayfly, but if I find another, I'll give it a try. If you have access to the book "Mayflies" by Knopp and Cormier, there is a picture of one on the front just jacket. It's the twin sister of the female Hex on the right of the photo, but a bit lighter in color which I'm guessing may be due to regional differences and the fact that the duns I've seen are clearly starting to molt into spinners. Not exactly what I'd call a "superhatch"... I've seen 3 of them to date. With all this rain and humidity, they may be down. If it clears, I may head down to the Forest Street bridge (the Medfield/Millis line) to get a good look and see if any bass are up and chasing them....

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