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Feels good!

To have something go right. Who says each of our letters don't count?

Dear Massachusetts Activist:

Thank you for all of your hard work writing letters and calling your
Senator and Representative in the Massachusetts legislature after
we contacted you last month. Because of your continued efforts,
Massachusetts' Riverways Program was rescued from Governor Romney's
veto list when the House of Representatives overrode the Governor's
veto of Riverways (2300-0101) in a UNANIMOUS vote of 156-0, and the
Senate joined them with only one opposing vote!

Please take a few minutes today to thank your elected officials for
voting to save a program dedicated to protecting and restoring the
Commonwealth's watersheds. Your follow-up not only lets them know
their vote is appreciated, but also shows that you follow their
voting record and hold them accountable for their votes. A sample
thank you note follows.

Contact information for your Senator and Representative can be found


Dear (Insert title and name):

Thank you for your vote to override Governor Romney's veto of the
Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Environmental Law
Enforcement's Riverways Program (line item 2300-0101) and for
restoring funding to this program.

Massachusetts' watersheds not only provide critical habitat for fish
and wildlife, but rivers such as the Charles contribute over $100
million to the economy through fishing, recreation, and tourism. The
Riverways Program is the chief advocate for the rivers of
Massachusetts and promotes the protection and restoration of the
Commonwealth's watersheds by providing technical assistance and
outreach to communities, citizen groups, and others. Your vote goes
a long way toward ensuring the continued protection of this treasured
state resource.

Thank you again for your vote to save Riverways from Governor
Romney's veto!


(Insert your full name and address)

Thank you for helping to protect and
restore America's rivers, and being a part of American Rivers' River
Action Center (

Take the next step - become a member of American Rivers! Visit or call us at 202-347-7550,
or toll free at 1-877-347-7550.

To contact American Rivers, email us at

To unsubscribe from Action Alerts, reply to this
email ( and include "unsubscribe" in the subject
line. You must log in to the Profile Editor below to unsubscribe from
all our lists at once.

To UPDATE your information and subscription preferences, please log
in at:
(Note that if this is your first time using this tool, you will need
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