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Two happiest days Re. Boating...

The first is when you purchase your new boat the second is when you sell the boat after having used it for as long as you wanted.
I have just sold my 47' wooden trawler to a young fellow in Sitka Alaska. So now I wonder if I should change my name as I no longer am the proud owner of the vessel MOONLIGHT.
The affair lasted for 26 years and took several hundred thousand dollars to maintain and pay for during that time. The old adage that a boat is a hole in the water into which you pour money is most true when the hole is made of wood.
Its a good thing I enjoyed having the Moonlight all those years because the market for old wood boats is incredibly poor I was able to get $30,000 for about ten cents on the dollar invested. While not overjoyed at the financial reality I am happy to report that the young couple who have purchased the boat are as happy as I was when I bought her. So I kept her safe for all those years and now I have found her a good home right in the Port she was built in back in 1918. l
Long sail the good ship Moonlight.
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