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Old 07-22-2003, 10:05 AM
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The silicone was a failure - did not pass the squeeze test with one coat - did not want to add more due to weight....

Thanks for the info on the crease flies - I would have gotten carried away with the atrtisty of it all for sure. Will try tying one next.

Did do an all silicone coated pattern based on a Cam Siegler fly - basically a surf candy coated from head to tail. I am liking the transparency of the pattern and think the fish might hang onto it a little longer, but did have issues with it sinking to the side - I think a larger gap hook would help ask as a keel.

Did get a few hours at Ft Flager yesterday mid morning - had one follow on a popper, saw a few small jumpers, saw one bait fisherperson hook up on a nice fish for a bit. All in all it was quiet.
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