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RE:Arctic Char

On a related note...

Until very recently (in biological terms) the steelhead and landlocked steelhead [TIC] were <b><i>salmo gairdneri</b></i>. What's in a name?

I am no biologist and only anecdotal experience FWIW and I still believe steelhead/rainbow are not more related to coho and chinook than cutthroat (<b>salmo</b> clarki) and other trout which are indigenous to the same waters.

The re-classification was made based upon protein composition in the flesh ignoring other facts like:

a) don't die after spawning, salmo don't - oncho do.

b) common physical features like a vertical anal fin trailing edge, square tail, etc

c) basically it says that rainbows are pacific salmon because of protein structure

Honestly I guess I don't care how they're classified in text books. Steelhead are the epitome of a <i>trout's</i> potential in the wild.

Check out these Lahontan Cutthroat trout.... <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank"> HERE! </a><!--url-->
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