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Ah the beautiful brookies...

actually I have never seen one in the flesh. But the photos are awesome. Luis had some great shots in his recent article Brookies of the North. And I have seen em else where on the web.

From what I've read there is a bit of confusion in the char clan regarding who is family and who is related. But I just wish I had a chance to seem some in action (cutts, bulls, brookies, dollys... ) And they have the best names. There are some brook trout waters (introduced) over in Britain but I don't think it would be the same.

The whole char species complex can be daunting from a scientific point of view - at one time there were supposed to 6 species of char in Ireland (not a lot considering there are 4 species in just one lake in Iceland, Tingvallavtn). I understand that brookies and cutts (maybe bull trout?) overlap in range and where the overlap they are more or less the same and the same situation exists for arctic char and dolly vardens in that once you go a certain distance north all dollys arctic char (or is it the otherway around... ?)

So there you go... Confused? I am.

Anyway, anyone caught any of the above recently - got the pics to prove it???

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