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Silicone? Let me know how that works for you. It would be nice to have a less toxic alternative. I tried softbody but it takes so long to dry it was unworkable for the airhead. I would imagine you wouldn't be able to get that "squeezability" level of airtightness that you can with softex from silicone, but I hope to find out I'm wrong. Also don't worry about head shape. They often "come out how they come out", and the erraticness or should I say erraticity :hehe: on the retrieve is a good thing. Casting shouldn't be affected by head shape.

As to the crease flies, I do tie them skinny, give them a coat of pearl sparkle t-shirt paint, tint the sides pink, and the back olive, put on prismatic eyes and give them two coats of Sally Hansens nail polish. A magic marker gill slash never hurts either.

I can't really call them a sand lance because I keep the tail short. I have enough trouble with wrapping tails on my tube flies for the sound, I don't need yet another pattern that fouls! Just a little tip. Don't worry about the artfully shaped bodies you see in the catalogs. Keep 'em flat top and bottom and make the backside come to a point above the hookshank. Also keep the face vertical. Easier to tie, easier to cast, and great action. You will get incredibly fast at them if tie up a dozen... I may hit kayak point with my pontoon on Sunday. I'll probably stay sub surface with my presentations though...
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