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Headed over to the local golf course last night and proceded to enjoy one of my more memorable bass fishing forays in recent memory. This particular pond has a sizeable population of small(12"-14") bass but the larger fish are few and very far between. So I decided a change in tactics was in order. I started fishing around 10:00 pm and was into fish almost immediately. I was using a very large(and noisey) dark colored popper that I normally use on rockfish here in the Chspke. Bay. I employeed a very steady cadence on the retrieve and the bass responded with vigor. Although I probably missed half of the strikes I still managed to land a half dozen or so in an hour or two. Although I caught a couple of "dinks" the average size was definitely much larger than encountered during my evening efforts. My best fish of the night was probably around three and a half pounds and I lost one that was probably pushing the 5 lb. mark. Not a monster but a nice sized fish in any part of the country!
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