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Good ideas.

The Aire puma is a good way to go for a fishing raft. But you could also go and hit NRS (if you PM me I can give you the URL). They also sell Aire and their own brand of boats. I like the NRS better. Better material and no stitched seams (at least Aire used to, I used to run them and still run Aire catarafts). Plus, NRS sells fishing frame packages for rafts as well. Nice thing, you can easily modify for 2/3 man in no time with them. A bit pricey, but best way to go IMHO outside the cataraft realm. You could also check out Sotar as well. They may have raft fishing packages too. It's another option if you have to have the best of the best. Spectacular rafts and catarafts. Personally, I love the Steelheader's for catarafts, and stick by them. But we're talking rafts though. PM or email me, I'll give you the links to the above mentioned.
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