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NB Blues

Not a bad day's fishing, Smolt, glad you connected with some fish!

I just had a Dr.s appointment yesterday, and my doc had just returned from his 3rd annual trip to the Miramichi (Salmon Brook). He was very discouraged, as he has yet to hook a salmon, and this year everyone in his group landed fish except him. The last day, his guide was determined to get him into a fish, so got him first onto the best water, continually checked his flies, and coached him intensely all day. The last pool, he fished through expertly, covering the water perfectly with his green machine- nothing. As he stepped out of the tail of the pool, Wham! The guy behind him in the pool (on his 1st salmon trip!) hooks a screamer, and minutes later lands a beautiful 24 lb hen, (green machine of course!). I tried to boost doc's spirits by telling him of some of my past 'skunk' trips, but it didn't seem to help. Salmon fishing can be brutal!
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