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Ah! Comets! That's an idea -- I've heard of them being used for chinook down this way by a few.

I've been using a drop back swing where the rod tip is held way back and the line is mended so that when I start dropping the rod tip, the fly moves back and down almost as much as across. It's a presentation that does not have the fly charging the fish like some suicidal minnow.

My Daiwa 15'6" 11 wt is getting dusty from lack of use plus the reel and line hasn't even been wet yet -- it'll be nice to get a 25 pounder or better on the end of it. Saugeen chromers are very energetic so a big stick comes in handy.

One of the local guides is an ex-Atlantic salmon jock and he's been successful with circle hooks on chinook. Surprisingly, last year he used them as small as a #4 without problems. The key appears to be using the soft loop and lift that allows the fish time to turn before the line comes tight. I want to work the kinks out of this method when I employ it as circle hooks offer a huge advantage in getting the fly to the fish without constantly hanging up on the boulder strewn bottom of the Saugeen.
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