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Nice Flies

An interesting set of flies there, SH69; you've got a good selection of different styles.

I've seen Waddingtons with the treble hook dressed in EXACTLY the same style as yours - might even say from the same tier. Definitely from the 1960's. Pretty sure the long black feather is heron.

I think the the tube fly is a 'Parker' fly. I have a couple of these in their original packaging, but not with me, so I'm working from memory here. I'm fairly sure they were sold by Sharpes of Aberdeen who were in their day arguably the best makers of cane rods d/h rods, and in particular those with spliced rather than conventional ferrule joints. These Parker flies are tied on large-bore tubes of coloured hard plastic, and were available with both weighted and unweighted mounts. As Malcolm says, the design of mount closely resembles those used on devon minnows. I think that it was developed to avoid the problem of the tube chafing the leader, and possibly also to ensure the hook stayed in line, but it also allows a fly to carry extra weight if needed (as in this instance). Modern lined tubes have eliminated the problem of chafing, so the Parker fly became redundant, if indeed it ever took off commercially! A nice little piece of history, again almost certainly from the 1960's.

Not quite clear about your description of the fly with three hooks - is it the blackish fly at the right hand end of the middle row of the left side of the box in your picture? If so that looks like a 'tandem' rig, which was quite often used for sea trout. These have either two or three hooks mounted astern, often with the second hook pointing upwards. You also have a couple of 'Worm Flies' in the box which were frequently tied on this rig.

Post any further questions here and I'll see if I can help with pattern identification etc.

PS, Fred, sorry to say it's not a Willie Gunn. Don't remember the date that fly was first tied, but it certainly wasn't popularised until somewhat later than the '60's. Also I think this fly lacks the orange hair of the true WG. I think it would probably have been sold as a 'Tosh'.
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