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Re: H20

Originally posted by JimboJones
Thanks for the input.

I am a stout 5'10--210 lbs.

i will not be transporting the kayak far usually 1/2 mile, at the most 10 miles.

My paddling trips will generally be short as well. 1/4 - 1/2 mile on occassion longer maybe 2-3 miles but that is it.

As far as gear and storage goes, aside from intermediate and a sinking line rigs, I may have my fishing backpack. That is all.

However, I will say that when I paddle around my harbor here in Manchester, I would like to plob one of my kids in my lap or somewhere else on the kayak to "give them a ride". I saw that the Cobra Fish n Dive has a backward facing seat for just such a purpose.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks again.
JIMBO, I would look at the Ocean Kayak tandems in 12' to 14' that can be paddled solo easy or double. Also the Necky Cruiser 2. From there, if the family enjoys it also (as mine does) you could always add a solo like the O.K.Caper that you can use or the kids will grow into etc. The shorter tandems can do allot, solo, double etc. Your rod holder layout for solo will be a little tricky how ever, but can be done.
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